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Add These (and More) Sponsored Sessions to Your GDC 2024 Schedule

As you start prepping your schedule for GDC 2024, make sure to check out all the great sponsored sessions available to you during your time at the event! 

Game industry leaders are presenting several interesting talks during GDC 2024, covering a variety of topics in technology, career development, and more. These in-depth discussions and business guidance talks are aimed at helping game devs achieve success on these companies' platforms. They are available for all pass levels, including Expo Pass holders. 

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Here's just a few of the many sponsored sessions you can attend (visit our Sponsored Sessions section of the Session Viewer for more!):  

Changing the game for Black hair: creating and celebrating Black hair textures and protective styles in video games (Presented by Dove)

Tuesday, March 19
Room 2000, West Hall

The Power of Community Feedback to Create Better Games (Presented by Amazon Games)
Scot Lane (Game Director - New World, Amazon Games)
Brian Willitts (Head of Community, Amazon Games)
Michael Lovan (Head of Community Video, Amazon Games)
Katy Kaszynski (Product Owner/Live Game, Amazon Games)
Scott Geiser (Software Development Engineer III, Amazon Games)

Wednesday, March 20
Room 2009, West Hall

Steel Arms: Bringing Lumen to Immortalis (Presented by Arm)
Patrick Wang (Game Developer, Arm)

Wednesday, March 20
Room 2009, West Hall

The Night has Come: Decoding the Secret Behind Night Crows' Success (Presented by WEMADE)
Robin Seo (Head of Business Creative Center, WEMADE)

Wednesday, March 20
Room 2009, West Hall

Building a Business on Roblox (Presented by Roblox)
Matt Curtis (VP, Developer Relations, Roblox)

Wednesday, March 20
Room 2009, West Hall

Transforming Gameplay with AI NPCs (Presented by Inworld AI, NVIDIA and Oracle)
Rajiv Gandhi (Master Principal Cloud Architect, Oracle)
Yasmina Benkhoui (Generative AI Strategic Partnerships, NVIDIA)
Nathan Yu (Director of Product, Inworld AI)

Wednesday, March 20
Room 2000, West Hall


Post-mortem GPU crash analysis with AMD Radeon™ GPU Detective (RGD) (Presented by AMD)
Adam Sawicki (Principal Member of Technical Staff, AMD)
Amit Mulay (Senior Software Development Engineer, AMD)
Marco Bouterse (Principal Graphics Programmer, Nixxes Software)

Wednesday, March 20
Room 3001, West Hall

Alan Wake 2: A Deep Dive into Path Tracing Technology (Presented by NVIDIA)
Juha Sjöholm (Senior Developer Technology Engineer, NVIDIA)
Kiya Kandar (Graphics Programmer, Remedy Entertainment Plc, Remedy Entertainment Plc)

Thursday, March 21
Room 3020, West Hall

Creating and Leveraging IP in the Fortnite Ecosystem (Presented by Epic Games)
Heather Storm (Manager, Creator Evangelism, Epic Games)

Thursday, March 21
Room 3009, West Hall


Minecraft Players at the Center of the Universe of Big Data (Presented by Microsoft)
Francisco Rius (Head of Data at Mojang Studios)

Thursday, March 21
GDC Industry Stage, Expo Floor, South Hall


Baldurs Gate 3: A Fireside Chat (Presented by Dolby Laboratories)
Stefan Randelshofer (Audio Director, Larian Studios)
Alistair Hirst (Sr. Game Developer Relations Manager, Dolby Laboratories)

Thursday, March 21
Room 2022, West Hall


Unlocking Creativity: Crafting the Ultimate AAA Game Studio for "Last Sentinel" (Presented by LightSpeed Studios)
Steve C. Martin (Vice President, LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS)

Thursday, March 21
Room 2000, West Hall


Cloud Gaming: A Mirage or Uncharted Territory? Unveiling Lessons from Tencent's Success in the Cloud Gaming Market (Presented by Tencent Cloud)
Anderson Lin (Senior Director of Sales, Tencent Cloud LLC)

Thursday, March 21
Room 2011, West Hall

The Discord Opportunity: Customer Insights to Help You Find Testers, Players, and Fans (Presented by Discord)
Discord Research and Data Science Team (Research and Data Science Team, Discord)

Friday, March 22
GDC Industry Stage, Expo Floor, South Hall 

There’s even more to see in the full list of Sponsored Sessions—give them a look and start planning your schedule for the upcoming show! Of course, the only way to experience them all is to sign up today.

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