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Attend XRDC to see how Sir David Attenborough was recreated in VR

There's some remarkable stuff being done in the realm of virtual reality experience development today, including a special project featuring Sir David Attenborough called Hold the World that's the subject of a very exciting XRDC talk.

Hold the World features an interactive one-on-one audience with David Attenborough at the Natural History Museum in London, and if you come to XRDC in San Francisco this October you can get a behind-the-scenes look at how it was made.

As part of XRDC's Games & Entertainment track of talks, Dream Reality Interactive art head Laura Dodds will be presenting "Lighting a Legend: Art Pipelines in 'Hold The World' with Sir David Attenborough", a talk which walks you through how the team combined technologies like world-class volumetric capture of Attenborough from Microsoft, photogrammetry environments from Alter Equals, and highly detailed scanned objects from The Natural History Museum and The Mill.

There will be key learnings for any developer from any discipline in terms of what look out for and what to avoid on a project such as this. Also, for those interested in more detail there will be concrete tips and tricks that can be put into practice when working with volumetric video capture, photogrammetry and scanned objects.

XRDC is happening October 29th and 30th in San Francisco at the Westin St. Francis Hotel. Now that registration is open, you'll want to look over XRDC passes and prices and register early to get the best deal!

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