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Become a better producer in a day at the GDC 2018 Producer Bootcamp!

Game devs, take note: the GDC 2018 Producer Bootcamp on Tuesday, March 20th is going to be a fantastic day-long learning opportunity with a ton of expert sessions on the ins and outs of being a great producer in game dev.

It's one of many Bootcamps and Tutorials that take place during the first two days of GDC (Monday and Tuesday, March 19th and 20th this year) and offer attendees the chance to dive deep and explore focused topics like level design, game production, art direction and animation.

Of course, in the game industry a producer's role often varies from team to team and differs across studios. Good (or bad) production practices and methodologies can make or break a game's overall quality, the team's health, and even define studio culture. The Producer Bootcamp brings together experts and colleagues for a day to discuss best practices in production and team management, as well as share their career experiences.

For example, in her Bootcamp talk "Hello, I'm Your Producer! Strategies for Introducing Production" System Era Softworks' Veronica Peshterianu will show you how, by starting out with small, measurable improvements, a producer new to a project can build a foundation of collaboration and trust with the team that can lead to larger, more formal changes.

This talk will outline several actionable strategies that can be used in this situation by producers, as well as developers of other disciplines stepping into the role for the first time.

And in "Creativity and Processes: The Production Challenge of Mega Projects" Ubisoft senior producer Nouredine Abboud will share his experience of AAA development, and specifically answer big production and management questions that big games pose: how do you foster creativity in large-scale projects? How do you avoid losing creativity and the human touch, when overruled by the structure of large organizations? Creativity or processes ?

His talk will give insight into how AAA game development operates, about how specifically 'Ghost Recon Wildlands' was delivered, with concrete examples of the production approach used by the 'Ghost Recon' team.

If you're a producer (or thinking about becoming one) you won't want to miss these talks! For more details on them and all other announced talks head over to the online GDC 2018 Session Scheduler.

For more information about GDC 2018, which runs March 19th through the 23rd, visit the show's official website, and subscribe to regular updates via Facebook, Twitter, or RSS.


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