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Check Out These GDC Showcase Sponsored Sessions and Our Virtual Booths

As you start prepping your schedule for GDC Showcase, make sure to check out our sponsored sessions from Gala Games—as well as our virtual booth expo! 

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Game industry leaders from Gala Games will be presenting talks at GDC Showcase on Wednesday, June 28, covering topics related to decentralization and player ownership in games. 

Here are the two sponsored sessions you can attend:  

Games Powered by Players: The True Strength of Decentralization (Presented by Gala Games)

Wednesday, June 28 at 9:05am PT (12:05pm ET, 5:05pm GMT)

Join Jason Brink of Gala Games as he discusses the underappreciated utility of decentralized, player-owned content within games. While the early waves of the blockchain craze saw a lot more hype than substance, the entire game industry is slowly catching up with the fact that giving players the opportunity to have more control and ownership over the content they love creates a better model for developers, publishers and gamers as a whole.

Vault Rewind: Digital Ownership and the Gaming Revolution (Presented by Gala Games @ GDC 2023)

Wednesday, June 28 at 11:35am PT (2:35pm ET, 7:35pm GMT)

Monetization in games has often been a one-way street. Microtransaction and subscription culture takes in billions from gamers each year, but gaming giants continue to insist that these purchases create no real ownership for the player.

The Web3 Revolution represents a way to escape from draconian RMT efforts, finally allowing players real ownership over the content they engage with. This next step in the world of mainstream gaming allows a myriad of new possibilities; such as cross-title content, targeted community rewards, and simply more freedom for gamers.

Gaming culture is created in the interaction and dialogue between gamers and developers. It's time to bring those two groups together as equals to make a better future for gaming.

In addition, you can visit Gala Games at their virtual booth, along with several other game dev groups and media partners joining our online expo. These include Gay Gaming Pros (GGP), 80 Level, LATAM Video Games Federation, GDC Vault, and more. It's a great opportunity to learn more about these amazing organizations and connect with their thought leaders. 

It's all part of GDC Showcase, an online event happening June 27-29 dedicated to bringing 3 days of great content and networking to the global game dev community. 

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The all-virtual GDC Showcase is happening this June 27-29! For more information, be sure to visit our website and follow the #GDCShowcase hashtag on social media.

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