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Congratulations to the GDC 2024 Narrative Summit Poster Winners

The Game Developers Conference is excited to announce the 2024 winners of the annual Student Narrative Analysis Competition, who will be bringing their knowledgeable and insightful work to GDC 2024 in March.  

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Every year, leading game design programs at universities around the world integrate the competition into their academic curricula. Participating students choose a game title and conduct a detailed and structured analysis of its narrative elements. 

Papers are submitted to the Game Narrative Summit advisory board for review, and a select number are given passes to GDC 2024 and invited to present poster sessions of their work at the Game Narrative Summit. The Poster Review discussion areas will be open at lunchtime on Monday, March 18 and Tuesday, March 19 from 11am-2pm in West Hall, 2nd floor, Overlook 2014 and Overlook 2018.

This year’s winners have explored everything from award-winning AAA blockbusters to smaller, critically acclaimed indie titles—presenting complex and detailed analyses that foreshadow the contributions they will likely make to the field of game narrative over the course of their careers. 

We’re proud to announce that this year’s winners are: 

Platinum Winners

Vasilisa Shcherbakova, DigiPen, Katana Zero

Brooke Glasier, Northeastern, Stardew Valley

Amari O'Connor, Quinnipiac, Stray

Gold Winners

Noah Crissey, DigiPen, God of War

Jane Grantham, UC Santa Cruz, Sally Face

Kelsey Pham, University of Silicon Valley, OMORI

Samantha Khan, Sheridan, Sky: Children of Light

Douglas Kuras, Rochester Institute of Technology, OMORI

Christopher Dichmann, Sheridan, Faith: The Unholy Trinity

Asad Ali, Sheridan, Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Venus Foo, DigiPen Singapore, Heaven Will Be Mine

Ben Copas, George Mason, A Short Hike

Lindsay Parkoo, Kennesaw State, Until Dawn

Utkarsh Dwivedi, Penn, God of War

Somnarng Sin, Quinnipiac, PARANORMASIGHT: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo

Violet Li, Sheridan, Transistor

Ravi Butler, Sheridan, Signalis

Yifan Li, SMU, Stray

Xinyu "Layne" Zhang, SMU, Fatal Frame III: The Tormented

Dean Goodson, University of Silicon Valley, Journey

Ana Hunter, USC, Venba

Reagan Wang, USC, Umurangi Generation

Tate Donnelly, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, I Was A Teenaged Exocolonist

Platinum winners receive an All Access pass to GDC 2024, while Gold winners receive an Expo pass. All winners can present a poster session highlighting their work at the conference, and those sessions will be available for public viewing after the show on GDC Vault.

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