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Don’t miss the fourth day of GDC Showcase

It’s the penultimate day of GDC Showcase, and of course, it’s going to be another great day of learning at the first-ever all-free, all-digital GDC event. There’s still time to connect with speakers, check out the event’s incredible sponsors, and visit our digital booths for our community partners. Make sure to register today!

There’s only two days left of GDC Showcase, but don’t worry, there’s still loads of great talks ahead. Here’s a look at some.

At 9AM PT, Intel will offer useful data and insights from their research on the habits of different PC Gaming players in a sponsored talk.

At 10AM PT, Skydance Interactive’s Chris Busse & Guy Costantini will present a breakdown of the development of The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

At 12:25PM PT, Yacht Club Games’ David D’Angelo will be participating in an Ask-Me-Anything session, taking your questions from Swapcard chat.

And at 1:30 PT, The GDC Podcast will be interviewing game marketing expert Chris Zukowski, and discussing best practices for selling your game.

There’s more to see! Just click on the schedule if you want to know what else you can find at GDC Showcase today. And make sure to register so you can watch!

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