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Explore New Ideas at the GDC 2023 Main Stage About 'The Future of Play'

Make way for the future with the Game Developers Conference—as "The Future of Play" comes to the GDC Main Stage in 2023. 

The Game Developers Conference is happy to announce that GDC 2023 will host GDC Main Stage: The Future of Play, a multi-part presentation about how the game industry is expanding—opening up to unique perspectives, opportunities, and challenges. The fourth GDC Main Stage event is about exploring the new ideas and ideals gaining ground in the industry, and how to make them work for you.

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The Main Stage talks will be delivered at GDC 2023 on Wednesday, March 22 by three game industry professionals: Chandana Ekanayake (Creative Director & Co-Founder, Outerloop Games), Jen Oneal (Game Industry Executive), Robert Anderberg (CEO & Co-Founder, ControlZee).

Here are their presentations: 

Designing Beyond a Dominant Culture

Chandana Ekanayake (Creative Director & Co-Founder, Outerloop Games)

"When designing games about experiences unique to a marginalized culture, there are challenges that a person of color finds themselves needing to navigate. Success depends on an intentional approach in team make-up, game mechanics, narrative, and in empathy for the player's experience. Learn about how Outerloop games have made these specific experiences have universal appeal and connect to all players on a human level, while simultaneously dismantling cultural tropes and stereotypes."

Building Healthy Studio Cultures While Working from Home

Jen Oneal (Game Industry Executive)

"Since the beginning of the pandemic, many studios have had to evolve the way they work to accommodate teams working from home. This talk will examine how to build a remote work culture that is healthy, satisfying, and productive for team members. Jen will discuss her own experience transitioning a studio to remote work, as well as lessons learned over the past year through her conversations with leaders of startups as well as established studios. Because the truth is, when you approach it the right way, working remotely can support the mental health and well-being of teams, individually and collectively. And when your team thrives, your business thrives."

User-Generated Awesomeness: Building a UGC Platform That Enables Creators and Players to Thrive

Robert Anderberg (CEO & Co-Founder, ControlZee)

"User Generated Content has a long and rich history in games, from early modding support in DOOM through Counter Strike, DOTA, Second Life, and Garry's Mod, to being a core part of Minecraft. In this Main Stage session, Robert Anderberg will cover the key technologies needed to build a successful UGC platform—including core engine features, multiplayer game editing, storage, and delivery of user-generated assets and security considerations. You'll learn what worked for ControlZee when building their platform... and what absolutely didn't!"

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