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The full GDC 2021 schedule is now live!

If you’re looking to build a schedule for the 2021 all-digital Game Developers Conference (running July 19th – 23rd), heads up! All of the dates and times for this year’s sessions have been uploaded to the GDC schedule viewer.

That means you can now start picking and choosing which talks you can watch on which days.

And remember! If you’ve got a scheduling conflict, or want to attend two talks at the same time, you can totally catch all the talks you want. That’s because all GDC 2021 sessions will be archived for viewing-on-demand shortly after their broadcast.

Archived talks will also feature enhanced closed-captioning (which you can learn more about here). Live sessions may take more time to appear, but don’t worry---you’ll have up to a week after GDC 2021 concludes to browse the platform and watch any sessions you want at your leisure.

We can’t wait to see you at GDC 2021! Register today and start building your schedule now.

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