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GDC 2021 will feature an Xsolla Devnote on the state of the game industry

At the 2021 Game Developers Conference (running July 19th – 23rd), you’ll have the chance to check out an incredible batch of developer keynotes (Devnotes for short) from our partners, including the fine folks at Xsolla.

Xsolla is the video game commerce company that helps developers and publishers market, sell, connect, and optimize their games globally, powered by their Transaction Engine and Business Engine. They have successfully integrated with Epic Games, Roblox, Twitch, Valve, KRAFTON, Ubisoft, NetEase, Nexters, and many others.

At the all-digital 2021 Game Developers Conference (running July 19th to July 23rd), Xsolla will be center stage for their keynote presentation, along with four additional sessions covering topics ranging from the rise of indie game funding, mobile game commerce, retaining game talent, and pivotal moments in game publishing history. These are all squarely aimed at helping game developers and publishers accelerate their game commerce globally and making connections in the game industry.

Join 25-year video game executive and Xsolla President Chris Hewish as he kicks off GDC! Throughout his talk, he’ll highlight some of the less obvious tactics that companies are using to succeed today in areas like payments, funding, marketing, digital distribution, access, and more. So whether you're an indie game developer or a AAA enterprise-level publisher, you won’t want to miss it.

Register for GDC 2021 today, and be there for this highly informative session!

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