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At GDC 2021, you can celebrate 25 years of Quake with John Romero

It’s Quake’s 25th birthday! A quarter century after id Software’s legendary shooter made its mark on the video game world, John Romero is planning a heck of a birthday bash at the 2021 Game Developers Conference (running July 19th – 23rd).

If you built your career modding Quake, or just have fond memories bunny-hopping from Slipgate to Slipgate, you won’t want to miss these chances to hear from John Romero himself about how the game came to life.

It’s all happening on Friday July 23rd. You can kick off your day at 8:30 AM PST with a Classic Game Postmortem of Quake presented by John Romero, who will take you through the rollercoaster that was Quake's creation and—and explain why it brought about the end of the original id Software.

Then at 12:30 PM PST, John Romero and game designer JP LeBreton will stream real-time gameplay of Quake and discuss the game’s development live while blasting Grunts, Ogres, Scrags, and more. After playing the first chunk of Quake, they’ll continue their conversation live in a dev-to-dev fireside chat.

It’s a can’t-miss day of Quake goodness, all coming from the designer brain of John Romero himself. Register for GDC 2021 today for your chance to watch these incredible sessions live on July 23rd!

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