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GDC Donates Over 700 Passes to Scholarship Programs for 2023 Event

The Game Developers Conference is dedicted to supporting and uplifting underrepresented voices in the industry. As part of this mission, we've partnered with over 20 organizations—donating over 700 complimentary passes to their GDC 2023 scholarship programs. Find out more on these programs below, as well as how to apply for them. 

Each year, GDC proudly partners with a variety of organizations through which qualified candidates can apply to receive complimentary GDC passes. These partners are helping to shape the future of the industry make-up by providing opportunities to, and amplifying the work of, game developers from marginalized communities.

Here's a list of the organizations we've partnered with for GDC 2023. Each partner has their own scholarship program guidelines and application process, so head to their linked websites for more information—including how to apply. Additional information will be linked below as the organizations announce their applications.

2023 Scholarship Partner Organizations

GDC is committed to creating a safe and welcoming space for all through a variety of programs and partnerships, many of which include free or discounted passes. These efforts are ongoing and evolving; we are committed to actively deepening our relationship and support of existing organizations that serve these communities. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at our GDC Feedback email.

Learn more about our Diversity & Inclusion programs here, and visit our sustainability page to see how GDC is working to produce a positive environmental impact as well.

GDC returns to San Francisco this March 20-24, 2023, and registration is now open! For more information, be sure to visit our website and follow the #GDC23 hashtag on social media.

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