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GDC Sponsor Q&A: unitQ's Christian Wiklund on Harnessing the Power of User Feedback

The Game Developers Conference is around the corner, and attendees will have the opportunity to interact with an array of sponsors who help fuel the game industry.

Developers interested in harnessing the power of user feedback to improve product quality should definitely check out unitQ at GDC 2022. They're hosting a booth (P1833) at the GDC Expo, and attendees curious about their services are welcome to stop by their Tuesday happy hour at Peacekeeper in San Francisco.

To give you a sneak peek at what unitQ can offer game devs at GDC 2022, we spoke with co-founder and CEO Christian Wiklund for a Q&A, which you can check out below. 

Could you please introduce yourself and your role at unitQ?

I’m Christian Wiklund, the co-founder and CEO of unitQ. 

We’re building a real-time solution for organizations to stay on top of product quality across all platforms, languages, and regions. We provide companies a platform to listen to signals from their user base. We’re arming organizations with actionable insights to build a better user experience both immediately and into the future.

Before founding unitQ, I was CEO at Skout, a social app with over 50-million users that was acquired by The Meet Group in 2016, built with Niklas Lindstrom, who is also a co-founder of unitQ and our CTO.

What’s the most exciting thing unitQ is looking forward to presenting at GDC?

We are excited to showcase the unitQ platform to more gaming brands to help them make their user experiences even better. unitQ is a game-changer when it comes to quantifying and acting on the voice of the player. The best resource for identifying quality issues, bugs, and errors are the end-users’ actual feedback. 

User feedback is important for any studio, but how can studios and companies make sure they’re using that information to be proactive for their players instead of reactive? 

Gaming studios, like any organization, face big hurdles with user feedback living on so many different channels. Developers can lose precious time gathering high volumes of customer feedback from disparate channels, or having to do manual analysis of support tickets for quantitative insights to review and improve the user experience.

With unitQ, it’s game over for those challenges. unitQ provides teams with the intelligence to enhance the user experience immediately and to build a future product roadmap. To better understand and mitigate issues before they become widespread, product teams can harness unitQ to uncover previously hidden issues contained within user feedback. Game producers and product teams using unitQ can also see how new product features are impacting users across regions, app versions, operating systems, and more. They can even pull user empathy data into their product planning and design efforts. 

You’ve recently announced integration with Helpshift and PagerDuty, how will these partnerships benefit game devs and studios? 

These integrations, in addition to the dozens we already offer, enhance the power of unitQ to make it even easier and quicker for teams to harness the power of user feedback to improve product quality.

Our integration with PagerDuty gives our customers the ability to proactively identify feedback trends, from spiking complaints of password reset errors to increases in negative feedback sentiment, and leverage PagerDuty to reach the right teams. That’s because unitQ automatically triggers a PagerDuty incident after detecting a customer-impacting issue, giving teams timely alerts along with the full context they need to troubleshoot and triage.

Our other new integration empowers developers to turn quantitative user feedback from Helpshift and other feedback channels into actionable insights, helping companies improve their product quality, reduce churn, boost star ratings, and build great app experiences.

What questions are you hoping to get from GDC attendees when they visit unitQ’s booth this year?

All companies want to enhance their products and services. Doing so increases customer satisfaction while at the same time bolsters revenue and profit. We are attending GDC to explain how organizations can rely on unitQ’s AI-platform to deliver timely and comprehensive user feedback data to prioritize issues, guide support decisions, understand emerging product impacts, and inform product teams as they work to improve the user experience globally. 

What activities does unitQ have planned for GDC attendees?

We’re hosting an exclusive happy hour with our partners, Helpshift and Kustomer, at Peacekeeper in San Francisco on Tuesday, March 22 from 5:00 to 8:30 pm PT. Come network with leaders in customer experience, product, and engineering from top gaming and non-gaming mobile-first companies. We hope to see you there. 

What’s one thing you do or enjoy that might surprise people about you?

I make quite a lot of music. I have been tinkering with analog circuitry since a very young age. And when I was younger, I even built my own analog synthesizers. I know electronics and I love music. You start with a blank piece of paper, or an empty track in Ableton, or Cubase, or whatever you use. You can create stuff, and I just love that creative process.

Head here for more information on unitQ and its services! 

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