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Get Certified in Agile Leadership at Several Levels in These GDC Masterclass Courses

Learn how to build a strong, collaborative, and successful team with Clinton Keith's certification course on Agile Leadership. The veteran game developer's upcoming GDC Masterclass is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to become professionally certified in one of the game industry's top production workflows. 

"The Masterclass is entirely focused on the game industry and is run by someone who has led teams and studios and has coached and mentored hundreds of game development leaders full-time for the past 14 years," Clinton told GDC. "There is nothing else close."

Clinton returns to GDC Masterclass with three incredible Certified Agile Leadership for Game Development courses for employees at all levels of a studio or game company. Each of these courses provides Certified Agile Leadership certification from the Scrum Alliance.

The Essentials course is the perfect introduction to Agile Leadership, helping attendees understand what issues traditional management approaches are facing in today's volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous (VUCA) world, and why a new leadership approach is needed to improve outcomes in these environments. The one-day course is being offered twice, on November 3 or December 8

For those looking to take their Agile Leadership expertise to the next level, there's the Organizations course on November 4, which will teach you how to shift your mindset about the culture and employees in your studio. On December 9, Clinton is teaching the Teams course, which shows how to create a safe-to-fail environment and foster a culture of transparency, inspection, and adaptation to allow for experimentation and continuous learning within your teams.

In an interview with GDC, Clinton shared how the Agile Leadership lessons come from his professional and personal experiences, and the goal is to provide the mindset and perspective he wish he'd gotten throughout his career development. 

"These certification courses are driven by my decades of experience creating games, leading teams, and studios, and the past fourteen years coaching game development leaders," Clinton said. "In my leadership journey, I was often promoted to a leadership position I was not equipped for. So, I designed these courses not only from my coaching experience, but to be the training that I wish I had been given when I was given more leadership responsibilities." 

GDC Masterclass delivers high-level training with industry experts in several game development fields. One of the Game Developers Conference's unique professional offerings, Masterclass is comprised of small-group workshops that deliver in-depth, hands-on training from top professionals in video game development—addressing some of the most important challenges facing developers today. 

Join the hundreds of satisfied attendees who've thrived after taking a Masterclass game developer course. Learn the latest tools and concepts to become a leader in your field (from the comfort of your home or office), discover networking opportunities with fellow attendees, and gain access to unique course materials to continue your education and training. 

"In the past several years, I have been working with studios whose leadership has gone through these courses, and I have seen some amazing studio transformations," Clinton said.

Agile Game Development author Clinton Keith is ready to put you and your team on the path to success with his certification course in Agile Leadership. Head to GDC Masterclass for more information on Clinton's three courses. Discounts are available for groups of three or more who register together! Go here to register now.

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