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Get tips and inspiration to build the next generation of mobile games at GDC Summer

Smartphones have quickly become ubiquitous; billions of people now walk around with an internet-connected computer handy, and most have at least a few games installed.

N3twork founder and CEO Neil Young believes the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated the growth of the mobile game industry, and at GDC Summer next month attendees can look forward to an expert analysis of this new reality, and what it means for mobile game makers going forward.

In his GDC Summer Business & Marketing track talk on "Forget Gamification of Industries, Enter the Industrification of Mobile Games: How Mobile Games Become a Trillion Dollar Industry" Young will walk you through how how the mobile game landscape is evolving, and how new opportunities make it a better environment than ever to be in games.

Plus, you'll walk away with concrete examples that elucidate his arguments, as well as data and proof points you can use to back up your creative visions and push your games in new directions to take advantage of new opportunities in the mobile game market. Don't miss it!

For more details on GDC Summer, scheduled to take place virtually August 4th through the 6th, visit the show's official website, or subscribe to regular updates via Facebook, Twitter, or RSS.


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