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Here's what to expect from GDC Showcase

We're only two months away from the first-ever GDC Showcase, a free online celebration offering a unique look at past GDC highlights, interactive panels, forward looking sessions from industry leaders, and a sampling of what you can expect from upcoming GDC events.

Now that registration for Showcase has opened, we wanted to give you a quick overview of what kind of sessions you can expect during our March event.

While a typical GDC, as held for the last few decades in San Francisco, aims to deliver ample networking opportunities and hundreds of new talks, the single track GDC Showcase week will be engineered around the following session formats:

Live Sessions: These are new, hand-picked sessions that make the most of our interactive online format. Audience members will have the chance to participate in live Q&As and listen in on conversations between different leaders of the video game industry.

Discussion Sessions: Ever wanted to chat with a GDC speaker after they gave a great talk? Why not while they give it? Discussion sessions are pre-recorded talks both new and from the GDC Vault. Speakers will be present in the audience live-chat, engaging with attendees on different topics and providing additional insight on their presentations.

Sponsored Sessions: These sessions from our incredible show partners will get you up to date on some of the latest and most groundbreaking technology available to game developers today.

Live Sponsored Sessions: Our sponsors have also worked to prepare a number of live sessions to help educate you on the most useful modern tools & technology in game development.

Special Events: Stay tuned for more info on these unique sessions.

Don't forget to register for GDC Showcase and claim your free month of GDC Vault Access after the show!

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