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Meet and learn from these industry-leading sponsors at XRDC 2019!

Organizers are working hard to get things ready for XRDC to kick off in San Francisco next month, and today we're excited to announce that cutting-edge AR/VR/MR leaders like DeepMotion, Digilens, and more are signed on to help sponsor the show!

RDC is the premier conference for augmented, virtual, and mixed reality innovators, and each of these industry-leading sponsors will be there showcasing their latest tech and techniques. Here's a quick rundown of some of the companies you'll find sponsoring XRDC, and what you can expect from them at the show.


Imagine a world where the intelligence of organic movement—the intricacies, flexibility, and beauty of motor control of humans —  was a resource available to create an AI mastermind for interactive motion for characters and machines. At DeepMotion, we’re building a unified motion intelligence pipeline that generates physically real synthetic data and AI models to make this a reality.

XR Association

At XRDC 2019, the XR Association—the trade association representing virtual, augmented, and mixed reality hardware manufacturers—will be convene a panel discussion titled Online Safety in XR: Maintaining a Healthy Virtual Ecosystem.

Immersive gaming and interactive social experiences are on the rise, and the XR industry takes great care to build and maintain safe, comfortable, and respectful virtual spaces. Understanding that healthy virtual ecosystems cannot be maintained in a bubble, this panel will bring together industry leaders and outside experts to identify the tools needed to create safe spaces; discuss best practices; and shine a light on industry strategies for continuing to build trust in XR experiences.

Join our collective brain trust of XR practitioners to learn about building a Metaverse that prioritizes online safety and inclusion.


Cleverlance's VR product lets you interact with or demonstrate any 3D model in a VR or AR. By cooperating with several people and integrating with a data warehouse, you can even show a presentation of flying particles, display heat maps or show anything normally invisible to the human eye. The next generation of collaboration in virtual and augmented meeting rooms - 3D sound and holo-visualization of documents, keynotes, items, charts and a virtual white board let you work from any corner of the world. Holo-visualization can also show 3D models in any size and allow participants to walk in 3D models - in ant mode.


DigiLens is a leader in holographic waveguides used for augmented reality (AR) displays. The company has developed a patented optical platform and photopolymer technology that delivers best-in-class solutions using a unique, low cost contact-copy manufacturing process. DigiLens enables OEM partners to design and build AR-enabled devices for the global automobile, enterprise, consumer, avionics and military industries. 

You'll have opportunities to meet with representatives from each of these sponsors at XRDC in San Francisco next month, and of course some will also be preparing some great talks for the XRDC Partners track that you won't want to miss!

So head over to the XRDC website now and register to attend the conference, which will feature a plethora of great VR/AR talks spanning games, entertainment, and beyond into subjects such as healthcare, journalism, travel, manufacturing, retail, live events, real estate, and so much more.

And if you have a great tool, service, product, or platform that enables developers to create innovative VR/AR/MR experiences, you can contact XRDC representatives to become a sponsor yourself via the XRDC Sponsorship Hub!

For more details about XRDC, which is produced by organizers of the Game Developers Conference, check out the official XRDC website. You can also subscribe to regular XRDC updates via emailTwitter and Facebook.


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