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New GDC Masterclass Centers on Unity C# and Shader Data-Structure Programming

Are you a video game programmer looking to master Unity C# and shader data-structure programming? There's a course for that! Computer science instructor Dr. Russell Campbell is here to maximize your skills and get you ready for whatever your next project entails in this new GDC Masterclass. 

Unity C# and Shader Data-Structure Programming is designed to help programmers with a key issue in video game development. Commonly used data structures in programming bring solutions to problems otherwise not possible without them, but many data structures are designed with an object-oriented approach where it is not trivial to pass them to shader code. This course combines the advantages of both data structures together with the powerful processing available in GPUs—not only instructing attendees in this approach, but designing data structures that can be passed to shader code in order to achieve the optimal effects. As part of the course, attendees will complete an assignment on the first day that will be assessed and discussed on the second day. 

Unity C# and Shader Data-Structure Programming runs on September 29, 2021 and September 30, 2021 from 10:00am to 3:00pm PT (1:00pm to 6:00pm ET). Please note that it's being held virtually on both days, not in-person. 

The following key elements will be covered in this class:

• Understand the mathematics to manipulate 3D data in real-time
• Be capable of designing data structures that can be used in shaders
• Combine graphical effects to customize shader code
• Increase the efficiency of shader code to control computational resources

This GDC Masterclass is designed for attendees familiar with C# scripting in Unity, and basic understanding of vector math for 3D. Here are some other prerequisites for prospective attendees: 

• Be able to type at least 30 wpm
• Be confident in scripting in Unity 2020 LTS using C# (will not be covering the topic of Unity Jobs)
• Understand the programming concept of recursion
• Be comfortable working with 3D coordinate spaces
• Have a discrete graphics card (not integrated)

Seats are limited and will fill up soon! Register now to claim your spot in Russell's course. And be sure to visit the GDC Masterclass website for more exciting courses.

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