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New Masterclass addition: Susan O'Connor's narrative design course returns!

If you're a writer or game designer interested in the finer subtleties of good narrative design, look no further. Susan O'Connor is bringing her GDC Masterclass back for the Spring 2021 GDC Masterclass sessions!

This class will run March 4th & 5th from 9 am - 1 pm PST.

O'Connor's class, How To Bring Story & Gameplay Together, was a huge success during our first-ever GDC Masterclass sessions. Now O'Connor's back with a fantastic seminar that will improve your skills in telling great video game stories.

In her class, you will…

  • Find out how to structure a story that gameplay can’t break
  • Learn best practices, through case studies of past projects
  • Discover why the secret to great storytelling is your player’s job (do you know what it is?)
  • Learn how to diagnose the root causes of your game/story problems - and how to fix them
  • Master the practical, step-by-step process that helps designers and writers collaborate successfully
  • Tackle your project’s biggest game/storytelling challenges - and solve them, during this workshop

Don’t wait, register now before all seats are gone.

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