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Play these charming experimental games at the GDC 2020 Mild Rumpus!

Game Developers Conference organizers are excited to confirm that indie game showcase collective Wild Rumpus will return for GDC 2020 with a fresh crop of experimental games to play in their 'Mild Rumpus' community space!

A small oasis amid the hustle and bustle of an always-exciting conference, the Mild Rumpus offers a relaxing island of calm where GDC 2020 attendees can enjoy a quick break from their busy week. 

This year, the Mild Rumpus will take place in a very special exhibition space designed by London-based architectural design studio You + Pea and fabricated by Oakland-based Sheet Metal Alchemist. 

Guests in this locally-crafted oasis of chill are encouraged to just kick back and relax, but you'll also have the chance to check out a fresh, hand-picked selection of experimental games designed by leading creators! 

Here are the games you can expect to discover in the Mild Rumpus at GDC 2020:

Pre-Shave from Saam Pahlavan & M. James Short 

A grooming game about a brown man dealing with a hairy situation. 

Despelote from​ Julian Cordero & Sebastian Valbuena

Despelote is a first-person exploration game about the universal language of soccer and the ways it can bring people together, or push them apart. Run, pass, and play with dozens of charming, hand-drawn characters in a unique world inspired by the street parks of Quito, Ecuador. 

Remnants from June Flower

Remnants is a top-down exploration game about descending underground into a mysterious abandoned facility. 

My Exercise from Atsushi Wada, Ryora Usuha, Nobuaki Doi, and Playables

Let's do sit-ups 

Electric Zine Maker from Nathalie Lawhead

The Electric Zine Maker is a printshop and art tool for easily making and printing zines. Art, writing, and image tools are included. This is freeware made with collaboration in mind. 

GIFGAMES from Taro Oono

Stop the gif by tapping the screen! Try to put the nappy on the baby/discover which animal ate the cake/recieve a gift from God! 

Here AND there from Komitsu

Full of adorable and funny events. 

The Indifferent Wonder of an Edible Place from Studio Oleomingus

The Indifferent Wonder of an Edible Place is an examination of the violence of erasure.
It is a story about a municipal building eater and attempts to ponder the violent cost and the 

The Mild Rumpus is open to all GDC 2020 passholders, so stop by to relax for a bit and check these games out while you're at the show this year! 

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