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Please welcome Imogen Mellor as your host for GDC 2021

The organizers of the all-digital 2021 Game Developers Conference (running July 19th – 23rd) are pleased to announce that the multitalented Imogen Calypso Mellor will be joining us as our host for this year’s show.

Mellor is a games journalist, writer, content creator, and presenter. Starting her career as a staff writer for a PC gaming site, she started streaming and presenting during the pandemic, working on as many projects as she could to cope with while being stuck inside. She now regularly streams on Twitch under the name M0rmento while working as a journalist at GAMINGbible.

She’s raised money for the NAACP with Eurogamer and was part of the 2020 Day of the Girl for WarChild. Imogen has also worked with Studio ZA/UM to stream Disco Elysium: The Final Cut upon its release, recorded a special Holiday edition of Dungeons and Dragons with Wizards of the Coast, and even released a Harper Collins children’s book teaching kids about the wonders of virtual reality.

If she’s not working on half a million projects (and scrolling through Twitter) she’s probably either playing an instrument or shooting her Olympic recurve bow, because being at least a little prepared for a zombie apocalypse is an important part of a well-rounded person in her opinion.

When you log into Swapcard each day during GDC 2021, Mellor will be on your screen, showing off some of the top highlights for each day’s events. Be sure to start checking out the full schedule as we ramp up for this year’s show!

And if you’re not signed up yet, be sure to register for GDC 2021 today!

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