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Scope out up-and-coming creators in the GDC Summer Indie Showcase!

As you finalize your plans to attend the all-digital GDC Summer next month, organizers want to remind you to leave some time for checking out the exhibitors who are showcasing their work in the Indie Showcase!

The GDC Summer Indie Showcase is your opportunity to learn about innovative projects from emerging devs. During the 3-day event you'll have the chance to visit each exhibitor's dedicated page to learn more about the company and what they make, see the game(s) they've worked on, and sit in on guided demo sessions.

It's a great way to quickly get up to speed on some of the most intriguing up-and-comers in the game industry. To give you a sense of what's in store, here's an early look at the companies you can expect to find (and their games) in the Indie Showcase during GDC Summer, scheduled to take place online August 4th through 6th! 

Skermunkel Studios - Seedina

Skermunkel is a new indie studio from South Africa. We are busy with our first in-house project titled Seedinasci-fi twin-stick side-scrolling shooter targeted for multiplatform release. Skermunkel is headed by Tiaan Gerber, co-owner of Skobbejak Games, with 7 years of professional game industry experience.

Watermark RPG - CodeX Athena

Watermark RPG Studios has made over 15 RPG and action adventure games in the 16-bit genre over a decade. 2019 was the year we “got serious” about indie and devoted full time to creating games. Our game CodeX Athena has been under development for a year. Visit us!

Cosmic Brew Studios - Antimatter Kid

Cosmic Brew Studios is born from our taste for tasty coffee and good projects. Everything we do goes through the same grinding: video games, transmedia projects, XR experiences...our products maintain that characteristic flavor. We are committed to grow and to reach our users. That's why we work everyday.

MeNic Games

At MeNic Games we develop and publish fun award winning physics driven games. In 2016 we published BalanCity on Steam. Now we are working on three new titles: Space Routine, Fata Morgana: Cities Beyond Clouds and Tinytopia (pictured).

Geometric Bytes - The Fable of a Rabbit


We make games with a deep narrative and lore in huge worlds to explore and enjoy. Special places to which you will always want to return.

Error 404 Game Studios - Obey Me

At Error 404 Game Studios, we work to create innovative experiences to share and remember. Our goal is not to just satisfy our users necessities, but to surpass them.

Tlön Industries - Per Aspera

Widow Games - Geopoly

Development company specialized in closing the gap between the physical and the digital entertainment worlds. We are looking for publishers for our upcoming new game Geopoly: A perfect mix between the Pokemon Go and Monopoly. An innovative geolocation mid-core economic sim, that feels local everywhere in the world.

Purple Tree - Ponpu

We are an award-winner indie studio founded in 2011. Our latest products are Golazo and Ponpu. We are looking for publishers/ investors for our upcoming games. Feel free to contact us!

Game Andes

Game Andes is a group of companies dedicated to video game development and working collaboratively to achieve high-quality work located in Mendoza, Argentina. We have a group of 25 professionals ready to take on any job and covering all areas of video game development.

Argentina Invest and Trade Promotion Agency

The Argentine Investment and Trade Promotion Agency contributes to the social and economic development of Argentina, attracting and facilitating high-quality investment in strategic sectors, assisting Argentine companies to expand their businesses in international markets and generating detailed market information and insights that add value to investors and Argentine companies.

SCAD Interactive Design and Game Development

The interactive design and game development program at SCAD is lauded by The Princeton Review and Animation Career Review. SCAD students have access to superpowered tech including AR/VR labs, create fully playable games upon graduation, and move the needle at high profile game studios and tech companies.

So register now to attend GDC Summer, then make time to check out the Indie Showcase to learn about innovative projects from emerging and independent developers and meet the people who created them. Visit the studio’s dedicated pages, and of course don’t miss their game demo sessions!

For more details on GDC Summer, scheduled to take place virtually August 4th through the 6th, visit the show's official website, or subscribe to regular updates via Facebook, Twitter, or RSS.


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