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Submissions are now open for the GDC 2019 Tutorials!

Game makers, take note: Game Developers Conference 2019 organizers are issuing the public call for submissions to present lectures and panels as part of one of six full-day GDC 2019 Tutorials!

This is a great opportunity to share your learnings with your peers, but you have to move quickly: the deadline for submissions to all Tutorials save one is Wednesday, November 7th!  If you'd like to pitch something for the perennially popular Level Design Workshop, your deadline is a smidge sooner -- Friday, November 2nd!

Quick refresher: The Tutorials are scheduled during the first two days of GDC 2019 (Monday and Tuesday, March 18-19) as a way of offering attendees the chance to focus on the critical components of game development, providing them with a full day to take a deep dive into a single topic.

The organizers of these day-long workshops are constantly working to ensure they encompass the most interesting, informative, and cutting-edge sessions. With that in mind, the following Tutorials are currently seeking great talk submissions -- you can submit a talk proposal to each (before the deadline!) via the provided form:

  • Board Game Design Day
    • The Board Game Design Tutorial is a one-day deep dive into the art and science of designing non-electronic board (and card) games. Featuring multiple notable speakers from the world of board game design, this is an opportunity to get deep into the design mechanics behind innovative and popular board games, and hear about the design ethos that has shaped standouts in the resurgent world of board game development.
    • Submit your proposal via this form!
    • C4P Deadline: November 7th, 2018
  • Esports Day
    • Esports Day is a day-long series of panels and presentations focused on cultivating a competitive game's esports ecosystem to attract and support professional players and teams, journalists, content creators, and grassroots player organizations. Join Esports Day and learn about growing your esports ecosystem alongside long-time developers, publishers, and esports community leaders!
    • Submit your proposal via this form!
    • C4P Deadline: November 7th, 2018
  • Producer Bootcamp
    • A producer's role often varies from team to team and differs across studios. Good (or bad) production practices and methodologies can make or break a game's overall quality, the team's health, and even define studio culture. The Producer Bootcamp brings together experts and colleagues for a day to discuss best practices in production and team management, as well as share their career experiences.
    • Submit your proposal via this form!
    • C4P Deadline: November 7th, 2018
  • Tools Tutorial Day
    • The Tools Tutorial is a deep dive into the state-of-the-art techniques and processes for building tools that enable game development teams to meet and exceed their goals. Topics will range from usability and workflow to studio services and automated testing, and all the technology in between. Listen to experts from studios large and small talk about their experiences shipping the tools that ship awesome games.
    • Submit your proposal via this form!
    • C4P Deadline: November 7th, 2018
  • Technical Artist Bootcamp
    • Technical Art is an ever-evolving discipline, with TAs playing key roles in developing efficient pipelines, creating visually sophisticated content, and optimizing performance. TAs bridge the gap between content creators and engineers, and wear many hats in the process. No matter which or how many hats a technical artist wears, they're always firefighting and managing crises around their studios. This year's Technical Artist Bootcamp aims to help TAs around the industry find the tools and skills they need to manage the turbulent waves of game development at their own studios. Speakers will present new tools, techniques, and turn our attention to the future of the Technical Art discipline.
    • Submit your proposal via this form!
    • C4P Deadline: November 7th, 2018
  • Level Design Workshop
    • Returning for its tenth year at GDC, the Level Design Workshop offers an all-day series of talks covering topics across the vast spectrum of this crucial aspect of game design. Historically, LD Workshop presentations run the gamut from sharing specific techniques, to in-depth analysis of shipped games, to introspective explorations of "big" concepts that affect level designers/teams, as well as providing guides to process and workflow. The LD Workshop organizers have curated a diverse mix of established and emerging voices from all corners of the level design world to present an entertaining and enlightening agenda of talks for attendees.
    • Submit your proposal via this form!
    • C4P Deadline: November 2nd, 2018

This year GDC once again returns to San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center March 18th through the 22nd, the 33rd edition of the premiere event for game industry professionals.

For more details on the submission process or GDC 2019 in general visit the show's official website, or subscribe to regular updates via Facebook, Twitter, or RSS.

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