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Take Your Community Manager Career to the Next Level in This GDC Masterclass

Ready to advance your career in Community Management? Stephanie Bayer is here with a GDC Masterclass to help communications professionals in game communities step up and take on those leadership roles that will help employees, players, and studios thrive. 

"This is your chance to get community management mentorship from an old pro at scale," Stephanie told GDC. "I want to help CM's who are in their early stages in their career and know they want to advance but aren't sure how or don't know how to take that next step—I want to help offer that push and give advice and background from my experience to hopefully make the transition to the next evolution less scary."

Community: From Manager to Director: The Evolution Will be Internalized is a two-day course from Stephanie Bayer, who has over 20 years experience working with companies like Disney, Insomniac, Blizzard, and CD Projekt RED. It takes place December 8-9. 

In this workshop, Stephanie will focus on practical and tactical ways to grow your Community Manager career with the goal of becoming a leader within the field—but with plenty of good (and bad) puns and portmanteaus, because it's still video games, right? Trying to determine the best steps to take in order to move up to a leadership role can be tough, especially if there's not a senior community professional available for guidance. This class will go into several topics to help move attendees towards becoming an ethical community leader, make better presentations, handle the toughest of Crisis Comms, and even how to use hostage negotiation tips to de-escalate bad behavior. 

"I can't mentor everyone individually—but I can talk about my experience, what I've done to help my teams advance, how I try to lead ethically. Hopefully others can take that info and use it for themselves, so we'll have better CM leaders who are confident making business cases for projects, advocating for their teams, getting raises and making sure they are taking care of themselves and their futures," Stephanie said. 

GDC Masterclass delivers high-level training with industry experts in several game development fields. One of the Game Developers Conference's unique professional offerings, Masterclass is comprised of small-group workshops that deliver in-depth, hands-on training from top professionals in video game development—addressing some of the most important challenges facing developers today. 

Join the hundreds of satisfied attendees who've thrived after taking a Masterclass game developer course. Learn the latest tools and concepts to become a leader in your field (from the comfort of your home or office), discover networking opportunities with fellow attendees, and gain access to unique course materials to continue your education and training. 

Stephanie Bayer's course will help any CM or communications professional take their career to the next nevel. Head to GDC Masterclass for more information on Stephanie's course. Early Pricing is available through October 6, and discounts are available for groups of three or more who register together! Go here to register now.

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