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'Wordle' Creator Heads to GDC 2022 to Talk About His Surprise Smash

Wordle went from a personal gift to a global phenomenon in three months, and now it's headed to GDC. 

The Game Developers Conference organizers are thrilled to announce that Wordle creator Josh Wardle will be in person at GDC 2022 speaking about his puzzle game, and the unconventional approach that helped make it such a surprise hit.

"Wordle: Doing the Opposite of What You're Meant To" will explore the decisions that were made throughout Wordle's development that run contrary to conventional wisdom around building successful mobile games, from Wordle's origins to its seven-figure sale to the New York Times. The talk also explores the human elements and considerations of creating, growing, and selling a game—both from the perspective of the developer and the game's audience. 

This session takes place on Thursday, March 24 from 3:00 to 3:30pm PT, and is available for All-Access and Core pass holders. It's perfect for anyone interested in game development and human social interaction, especially those seeking insight into the development process and decisions made throughout the production of a viral game. 

Join us at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and online to learn all about how Wordle became a household name. Register for GDC 2022 today! 

GDC returns in-person to San Francisco, March 21-25, 2022—registration is now open! For more information on GDC 2022, including our virtual options, be sure to visit our website and follow the #GDC22 hashtag on social media.

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