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XRDC returns this October, so now's the time to pitch your great AR/VR talks!

Mark your calendars: XRDC is coming back to San Francisco this October, and organizers are eager to make it the best show yet!

Encompassing the rich diversity of immersive experiences, XRDC is the premier conference for virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality innovation.

This year it's happening at the beautiful Fort Mason Festival Pavilion in San Francisco, a warm and convivial venue where leading innovators, educators, and decision-makers can gather to trade insights and build relationships.

There's no better place to be if you want to check out the latest tech while sharing knowledge with your peers -- and now's the time to submit your pitches for talks!

Specifically, the XRDCAdvisory Board is now accepting submissions exploring virtual, augmented and mixed reality pertaining (but not necessarily limited) to healthcare, education, and training applications, as well as both game and non-game entertainment. If it's immersive and innovative, we want to hear about it!

This year XRDC sessions will be organized into seven tracks, as follows:

  • Games: From heart-pumping first-person adventures to relaxing, immersive exploration of alternate realities, XR takes you beyond the screen and into the heart of the story itself. Learn about XR in game development across disciplines including design, production, programming, and visual art. Be inspired by the work happening in XR game development with valuable, actionable, and inspiring takeaways.
  • Entertainment: Gain insights from experts developing immersive XR experiences for entertainment beyond games. Learn the best practices for design, implementation, and development of films, live events, museums, sporting events, and more.
  • Healthcare: Doctors, researchers, scientists and patients alike are rapidly adopting XR applications to evolve healthcare as we know it. XR is revolutionizing treatment and therapy, improving quality while cutting costs, and reducing risk during procedures. Attend sessions in XRDC's Healthcare Track to hear from developers, meet innovative healthcare practitioners, and identify business opportunities and partnerships in this rapidly-growing sector.
  • Brand Experience: XR elevates brand immersion to a whole new level, allowing companies to create and share a comprehensive brand experience, helping to strengthen support from existing customers and develop new audiences from prospective customers. In the Brand Experience Track, learn directly from teams of creative developers and commercial experts about how their brands are applying XR tech to develop unique and exciting experiences!
  • Enterprise: XR empowers manufacturers to address the demands and risks of industry by improving efficiency and streamlining all aspects of product creation and industrial operations. Talks in the Enterprise Track will explore these and more examples of how XR is being applied in innovative new ways to help businesses be more efficient, safe, and creative.
  • Training: No matter the setting, whether onboarding new employees at the office, in a lab, factory or on a construction site, immersive XR is revolutionizing the way people learn and collaborate. Attend sessions at XRDC to learn how augmented, virtual, and mixed reality make training of all kinds more accessible, affordable, personalized, and engaging. Gain insight and inspiration, and leave with new opportunities to leverage the growing investment and high adoption rate of immersive technologies in learning environments.
  • Safety: XR opens up possibilities to keep people safer and protect expensive equipment from damage or misuse. It allows for the development of contextual knowledge in dangerous or difficult-to-replicate scenarios. Safety precautions can be understood more quickly and information can be relayed in real time to help prevent everything from factory floor collisions to extreme edge cases like explosions and fires. Attend talks in the Safety Track to learn how many industries are applying XR design to improve safety and efficiency.

Make sure to review the XRDC submission guidelines before submitting your talk, but don't delay -- the call for submissions will close on Monday, May 20th at 11:59 PM Pacific!

For more details about XRDC, which is produced by organizers of the Game Developers Conference, check out the official XRDC website. You can also subscribe to regular updates via Twitter and Facebook.


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