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Workshops at GDC

New in 2024, GDC will host the Fair Play Workshop and Production Essentials Workshop, in addition to the annual Game Design Workshop, Storytelling Fundamentals Workshop and Climate Crisis Workshop.

Two-Day Workshop | Monday-Tuesday | March 18 & 19

This intensive two-day workshop will explore the day-to-day craft of game design through hands-on activities, group discussion, analysis, and critique. Attendees will immerse themselves in the iterative process game design and discover design concepts that will help them think more clearly about their designs and make better games.

Game Design Workshop Day 1

Game Design Workshop Day 2

Marc LeBlanc (Senior R&D Software Engineer, Riot Games)

One-Day Workshop | Tuesday | March 19, 2024

The Fair Play Workshop seeks to curate and empower the creation of best practices and share those practices across the industry. Topics of focus include designing for player dynamics, reducing disruptive behavior including hate and harassment, creating and fostering diverse and inclusive games and gaming spaces, establishing healthy player interaction as a product or business focus, esports and streaming, combating bias in games and development, policy and guideline design, social design and systems, multicultural gaming, and more. 

Crafting Thriving User Generated Content Communities

Maria Tamellini (Co-Founder & COO, GamerSafer)

Carlos Figueiredo (Director of Player Safety, Microsoft)

Games That Go Beyond the Binary

Rowan Williams  (Lead Narrative Designer, Sprocket Games)

Jo Graylock  (Chief Creative Officer, Sprocket Games)

Designing for a Dark Night of the Soul

Claris Cyarron (Creative Director, Co-Founder, Silverstring Media)

Featured Workshop Highlights

GDC Workshops are interactive full- or half-day sessions designed to teach skills and promote critical thinking. Workshops can consist of lectures, hands-on exercises, and group discussions. Please see below top Workshops for 2024.

Production Workshop: An In-Depth Guide to Solving Tough, Real World Production Problems

Dave Ranyard (Studio Head, Dream Reality Interactive)

Charu Desodt (Studio Head, Interior Night)

Stephen Davidson (Head of Production, Dream Reality Interactive)

Fleur Marty (Executive Producer, Fang & Claw)

Climate Crisis Workshop: Use Your Game Developer Superpowers to Fight the Climate Crisis

Grant Shonkwiler (Commander & Shonk, Shonkventures)

Chance Glasco (Creative Director, Good Dog Studios)

Trevin York (Founder, Dire Lark)

Arnaud Fayolle (Art Director, Ubisoft, Positive Play)

Nidhi Upadhyaya (Deputy Director, Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships, Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center, Atlantic Council)

Storytelling Fundamentals Workshop

Evan Skolnick (Game Writer and Narrative Designer, Independent)


Connecting the Global Game Development Community