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The GDC Advisory Board is made up of extraordinary game industry professionals who help build the GDC conference program. The Board's expertise and dedication are critical to the success of the conference, and they work to ensure that the quality of the content provided to attendees is high-level, relevant, and timely.

GDC Advisory Board Members

Amy Ackermann


Elvira Björkman

Two Feathers Studio 

Ian Baverstock

Tenshi Ventures

Jessica Brunelle

Crop Circle Games

Chris Butcher


Louis Castle

Deviation Games

Mark Cerny

Cerny Games Inc.

Chris Charla


M.E. Chung


Eve Crevoshay

Take This

Adele Cutting

Soundcuts Ltd


Mark DeLoura

Level Up Games

Osama Dorias

Brass Lion Entertainment

Kate Edwards

Geogrify / SetJetters

Liz England

Possibility Space

Andreas Fredriksson

Insomniac Games

Kris Graft


Clint Hocking

Ubisoft Montreal 

Chelsea Howe


Soren Johnson

Mohawk Games

Mitu Khandaker

Glow Up Games

Trent Kusters

League of Geeks

Caroline Marchal


Julien Merceron

Bandai Namco Studio 

Veronica Peshterianu

System Era

Lee Petty

Double Fine Productions

Dave Ranyard

Dream Reality Interactive

Elan Ruskin

Insomniac Games 

Rebekah Saltsman


Brian Schmidt

Brian Schmidt Studios, GameSoundCon 

Scott Selfon

Meta Reality Labs Research

Grant Shonkwiler


Angie Smets

PlayStation Studios

Justin Thavirat


Steve Theodore

Unity Technologies 

Kimberly Voll

Fair Play Alliance

Walter Williams

Brass Lion Entertainment

Chris Zimmerman

Sucker Punch

GDC Advisory Board Emeritus

  • Kathy (Schoback) Astromoff
  • Mike Capps
  • Jamie Cheng 
  • Carey Chico
  • Doug Church 
  • Christina Coffin 
  • Jullian Eggebrecht
  • Halldor Fannar
  • Rod Fergusson
  • Dan Fiden 
  • Laura Fryer
  • Christian Gyrling 
  • Chris Hecker 
  • Amy Henning
  • Rob Huebner 
  • Jason Della Rocca
  • Penka Kouneva
  • Carolin Krenzer
  • Noel Llopis 
  • Cyrus Lum
  • Masaya Matsuura
  • Ichiro Otobe 
  • Rob Pardo 
  • Nick Popovich
  • Dave Perry 
  • Bob Rafei 
  • Siobhan Reddy
  • Steve Reid 
  • Noel Llopis 
  • Brenda Romero 
  • Adam Saltsman
  • Caryl Shaw
  • Paul Steed 
  • Chance Thomas 
  • Sean Vanaman
  • Ru Weerasuriya
  • Kenny Young

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